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The new technology in operation will eliminate dangerous Airport liquids restrictions on UK airport .



Airport While putting liquids in small bottles and removing laptops from your carry-on bag is an important aspect of airport security, most travelers find this to be annoying. The good news is that these actions will soon be a thing of the past at UK airports, according to an announcement by his new prime minister, Boris Johnson.

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The British Airport government is mandating the implementation of new technology for airports by December 1, 2022. The eliminating the need for passengers to remove liquids and electronics from their bags. Heathrow Airport has already invested in computerized tomography equipment that operates like a CT scanner used in hospitals. This will provide a detailed picture of the contents of the bag and allow.


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Passengers will no longer have to separate liquids and equipment from baggage. Image: AzmanL / Getty Images
This would mean that you would crush the perfume bottle that you had forgotten about or had already had with the water bottle, but had no time to finish. It will also welcome the practice of making shoes on your toilet and cosmetics in a small plastic bag. John Holland-Kay says, “We can detect what is liquid inside the bottle, we can look inside a laptop and see if there are any dangerous devices inside it, and this gives us the aircraft. I can have a much higher level of security. ” , CEO of Heathrow Airport.

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UK airports

New CT scanners at UK airports will speed up the security process. Photo: Eric Saxon / Getty Images
It is estimated that the introduction of these scanners will increase clearing security by 50 to 60 times, which is good news for those looking to catch a flight. Although devices and liquids will no longer have to be presented separately, accurate detection of suspicious objects with this technology will improve ship safety. Heathrow has already invested millions in equipment and the government expects other UK airport ports to absorb the cost of new equipment, which is thought to be the current high-end X-rays will be five to ten times more expensive than scanners.

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Passengers will no longer have to offer separate laptops and devices on security checks in the UK. Photo: Hero Images / Getty Images
CT technology is currently in use at a number of airports in Europe and the United States, including Amsterdam’s Shapol Airport and JFK in New York. Boris Johnson is hopeful that the scanners “will help play a vital role in gaining the UK’s position as a global center for trade, tourism and investment in our airports.”

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